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Panchtantra stories are based on the famous panchtantra. The language has been made simple so that kids can understand them easily. Stories of Panchtantra teach moral lesson. Thus, stories of Panchtantra are very good for kids.

Monkey & Wedge  Hindi
The Jackal & Drum  Hindi
The Foolish Sage  Hindi
Goats And Jackal  Hindi
The Cobra And Crows  Hindi
The Cunning Crane & Crab  Hindi
Cruel Lion & Cunning Rabbit  Hindi
Colourful Jackal  Hindi
The Lion & Camel  
Turtle & Swans  Hindi
Four Friends & Elephant  
Foolish Monkey & King  Hindi
Hunter And Pigeons  Hindi
Four Friends  Hindi
Hermit & Mouse  Hindi
Elephant & Hares  
Cunning Mediator  Hindi
Three Crooks  Hindi
Farmer And Cobra  
Poor Brahmin & Thief  
Prince & Two Snakes  
Croc And Monkey  
Greedy Cobra & Frog  
Foolish Donkey  
Potter & King  
Donkey In Hide  
Brilliant Jackal  
Lady & The Mongoose  
Dead Lion  
Foolish Weaver  
The Bird With Two Heads  

cobra frog

A well was full of frogs. The king of frogs was fed up of treachery by some of his relatives. One day he came out of the well to search for some means to finish his enemies. The frog saw a cobra on a nearby tree. He befriended the cobra and asked for his help to finish off enemies. The cobra lapped this opportunity to feast on frogs. The frog king took an assurance from cobra that he would kill only those frogs marked as enemy. After sometime all the enemy frogs were finished. Then cobra asked the frog king to arrange for more food otherwise he would kill all frogs at one go. Now the frog king had no other way. Everyday he started sending off one of his relatives to the cobra. Finally it was the turn of the son of the frog king. The frog king was very sad. At last only the frog king was left. On being asked to arrange meal for cobra the frog said that he would go to another pond and entice other frogs to come there. Once the frog was very far from the cobra he ran faraway never to return.

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