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Panchtantra stories are based on the famous panchtantra. The language has been made simple so that kids can understand them easily. Stories of Panchtantra teach moral lesson. Thus, stories of Panchtantra are very good for kids.

Monkey & Wedge  Hindi
The Jackal & Drum  Hindi
The Foolish Sage  Hindi
Goats And Jackal  Hindi
The Cobra And Crows  Hindi
The Cunning Crane & Crab  Hindi
Cruel Lion & Cunning Rabbit  Hindi
Colourful Jackal  Hindi
The Lion & Camel  
Turtle & Swans  Hindi
Four Friends & Elephant  
Foolish Monkey & King  Hindi
Hunter And Pigeons  Hindi
Four Friends  Hindi
Hermit & Mouse  Hindi
Elephant & Hares  
Cunning Mediator  Hindi
Three Crooks  Hindi
Farmer And Cobra  
Poor Brahmin & Thief  
Prince & Two Snakes  
Croc And Monkey  
Greedy Cobra & Frog  
Foolish Donkey  
Potter & King  
Donkey In Hide  
Brilliant Jackal  
Lady & The Mongoose  
Dead Lion  
Foolish Weaver  
The Bird With Two Heads  

pigeon hunter

There was a flock of pigeons living on a banyan tree. One day a hunter spread a net to catch those pigeons. The flock of pigeon, tempted by food-grains was soon trapped in the net. The leader of pigeons asked his herd not to lose courage. They tried to fly in unison and flew away along with the net. After flying for a while they reached a place. There lived a rat who was friend of the pigeon king. The rat and its team cut the net and set the pigeons free. Even in danger do not lose hope and courage.

                 Aesop's Fables - Story for kids
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