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  • Tips for Effective Study
  • Try to understand theory.
  • Try to correlate with real life situations
  • Gather information from various sources
  • Develop good reading habit
  • Watch Knowledge TV channels
  • Share knowledge
  • Ask, don't be ashamed to ask

Ask Questions in Homework Section

Many of you don't ask questions for the fear of being branded as ignorant. But asking is the sureshot way of removing your ignorance. As per a Chinese proverb, "If you ask a question, you may be considered a fool for that instance of time. But if you do not ask a question, you will remain a fool throughout your life". So ask whatever you need to know.

You can submit your questions in the Homework section. You can also mail your question to:

Share Your Knowledge

As per an old saying sharing is a very good method to increase your knowledge. Share your knowledge with your classmates and share it through excellup. Submit answers to questions displayed on excellup. Suppose you have some innovative method of solving a question then share it with the whole world.

Develop Some Hobbies

As per a Sanskrit Shloka, the person who is not interested in Art and literature is like animal although that person may not be eating raw food the way animals do. Develop interest in some hobbies. If you are already pursuing some hobby then showcase your talent to the worldwide audience.


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