English Quiz

Grammar Quiz 5 ANSWER

  1. Why does Gandhi have such a tremendous effect on you?
  2. How does one go about effecting a reconciliation between husband and wife?
  3. You come up here at least twice a week to meet me; why do you make such continual demands on my time?
  4. What with our high income tax rates, I cannot see the sense in trying to make an honest money any more.
  5. I wish you would let me go.
  6. What kind of fool do you think Tom is?
  7. The Barbeque Nation is one of the principal eating places in town.
  8. The terrorist will be hanged at dawn.
  9. Mothers-in-law are probably the most unpopular of all relatives.
  10. Ruskin Bond told an incredible story of his experiences in book publishing.
  11. Take two spoonfuls of wine, mix with an ounce of whisky, stir well in a glassful of pineapple juice, and drink before retiring.
  12. Are you trying imply that Romeo is flirting with Juliet’s husband?
  13. It’s the first hundred years that are the hardest.
  14. No one but her could possibly love such a man.
  15. I’ve spoken to everyone except him.
  16. Between you, me, and the buffoon she’s making a fool of you.
  17. Is this book for Rita and me?
  18. Why did you steal that money?
  19. Those data are inconclusive.
  20. Sonam Gupta has a little stationery store on Kingsway Camp.
  21. Antioxidants are thought to be an excellent preventive of disease.
  22. Tom is a most naïve and ingenuous person.
  23. Do you really think that Paul speaks just like me?
  24. The cost of medicines is rising every day.
  25. There were a boy and a girl waiting for you.
  26. One of his friends comes from Bombay.
  27. The CEO, with his staffs and secretaries, draws a whacking salary from the company.
  28. Your appearance as well as your personality is against you.
  29. Anita, like her sisters and parents has brown hair.
  30. Has either of your relatives come in yet?
  31. Each of the men was given forty coins.
  32. Truckload after truckload of refugees was stopped.
  33. Neither of your answers is correct.
  34. Akosua, unlike her rich relatives, has to live economically.
  35. A sergeant and a captain are coming to see you tonight.
  36. The doctor or his assistant is always in the clinic.
  37. Neither your money nor your influence is of any use to you now.
  38. Either Ahmed or one of our other painters is coming up to meet you tomorrow.
  39. He is very childish; if he doesn’t get his own way, he sulks.
  40. I think one or two of the women are here already.
  41. Rita and I would like to try out the new restaurant.
  42. Can you meet Robin and me tonight?
  43. He is uninterested in hearing about your personal problems.
  44. A number of cases were settled out of court.
  45. Please lie down.
  46. Lay the baby in the crib.
  47. His genius lay dormant all during his marriage.
  48. You have laid the carpet on the floor of the wrong hall.
  49. If she had lain quiet, she would not have been hurt.
  50. He laid his hand on my shoulder, and spoke with empathy.