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Asked By:  Tazeem
What is flood?
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Answer By: Excellant
An overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land is called flood.

Answer By: b
we can not live without food

Answer By: Aaliyah
It is a natural event or occurrence where a piece of land (or area) that is usually dry land, suddenly gets submerged under water. Some floods can occur suddenly and recede quickly. Others take days or even months to build and discharge.When floods happen in an area that people live, the water carries along objects like houses, bridges, cars, furniture and even people. It can wipe away farms, trees and many more heavy items.

Answer By: Vidhya
Floods refers to the inundation of Land by river water it is recurring disaster in India one part of the country or the other has to face floods almost every year