CAT Mock Test

MBA is more than a certificate. Contrary to popular belief MBA degree alone cannot ensure you success. Studying MBA is about making a dramatic transformation in your personality.

Making it to the hallowed portals of the IIMs can be a dream come true for many, but that is not the end. Because until and unless you learn there you wont be able to come in the top quartile of the earning potential.

There is no short cut to clear as tough a test as CAT. So be prepared to go that proverbial extra mile to sharpen your skills so that you could be at the top on the D-day.

Read everything under the sun. You dont need to master every subject but you should have fair idea of every subject. This will help you in comprehension.

Try mental mathematics, that is solving maths problems without picking a pen and paper. Initially this will seem very difficult but will help you in the long run.

If you are good at selecting or rejecting a question then you can be assured of a good percentile. If you are able to score about 50 to 60% then your chances will be bright.

CAT is different from GMAT in certain aspects. GMAT is adaptive test in which the level of difficulty changes as per candidate's ability. CAT is just online test with set pattern of questions.

To prevent dummy candidates from helping others CAT has created a huge question bank which will prevent repetition of questions on different days.

CAT has made enough provisions to deal with contingencies, so in case of power failure or server failure data backup facility is in place.

To ease the life of those who are sort of semi-literate in computers there will be a 15 minute tutorial before the start of the test.