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DIRECTIONS for Questions 1 to 5: Answer the questions based on the following graph:

1. Which year of showed the greatest percentage increase in profit as compared to the previous year?

A. 1993

B. 1994

C. 1990

D. 1992

2. The average revenue collected in the given seven years is approximately:

A. Rs. 164 lakh

B. Rs. 168 lakh

C. Rs. 171 lakh

D. Rs. 175 lakh

3. In which year was the growth in expenditure greatest as compared to the previous year?

A. 1993

B. 1995

C. 1991

D. 1992

4. The expenditure for the seven years together form what percent of the revenues during the same period?

A. 75%

B. 67%

C. 62%

D. 83%

5. If the profit in 1996 shows the same annual rate of growth as ithad shown in 1995 over the previous year, then what approximately will be the profit in 1996?

A. Rs. 72 Lakh

B. Rs. 86 lakh

C. Rs. 93 lakh

D. Rs. 78 lakh

DIRECTIONS for Questions 6 to 10: Answer the questions based on the following table, which gives data about certain coffee producers in India:

6. What is the maximum production capacity (in ‘000 tonnes) of Lipton for coffee?

A. 2.53

B. 2.85

C. 2.24

D. 2.07

7. The highest price of coffee per kg is for

A. Nestle


C. Lipton

D. Data insufficient

8. What percent of the total market share (by Sales Value) is controlled by “Others”?

A. 60%

B. 32%

C. 67%

D> Data insufficient

9. What approximately is the total production capacity (in tonnes) for coffee in India?

A. 18,100

B. 20,300

C. 18,900

D. Data insufficient

10. Which company out of the four companies mentioned above has the maximum unutilised capacity (in ‘000 tonnes)?

A. Nestle

B. Lipton

C. Brooke Bond


DIRECTIONS for Questions 11 to 15: Use the following data:

Mulayam Software Co., before selling a package to its clients, follows the given schedule:

11. Due to overrun in Design, the Design stage took three months, i.e. months 3, 4 and 5. The number of people working on Design in the fifth month was 5. Calculate the percentage change in the cost incurred in the fifth month. (due to improvement in “Coding” technique, the stage was completed in

A. 225%

B. 150%

C. 275%

D. 240%

12. With reference to the above question, what is the cost incurred in the new “Coding” stage? (Under the new technique, 4 people work in the sixth month and 5 in the eighth).

A. Rs. 140,000

B. Rs. 150,000

C. Rs. 160,000

D. Rs. 170,000

13. Under the new technique, which stage of Software Development is most expensive for Mulayam Software company?

A. Testing

B. Specification

C. Coding

D. Design

14. Which five consecutive months have the lowest average cost per man-month under the new technique?

A. 1-5

B. 9-13

C. 11-15

D. None of these

15. What is the difference in the cost between the old and the new techniques?

A. Rs. 30,000

B. Rs. 60,000

C. Rs. 70,000

D. Rs. 40,000

DIRECTIONS for Questions 16 to 20: Answer the questions based on the following information:

The amount of money invested (in rupees crore) in the core infrastructure areas of two districts, Chittoor and Khammam, Andhra Pradesh as follows:

16. By what percent was the total investment in the two districts more in 1996 as compared to that in 1995?

A. 14%

B. 21%

C. 24%

D. 18%

17. Approximately how many times the total investment in Chittoor was the total investment in Khammam?

A. 2.8

B. 2.0

C. 2.4

D. 1.7

18. The investment in Electricity and Thermal Energy in 1995 in these two districts formed what percent of the total investme nt made in that year?

A. 41%

B. 47%

C. 52%

D. 55%

19. In Khammam district the investment in which area in 1996 showed the least percent increase over the investment in that area in 1995?

A. Electricity

B. Chemical

C. Solar

D. Nuclear

20. If the total investment in Khammam shows the same rate of increase in 1997, as it had shown from 1995 to 1996, what appropriately would be the total investment in Khammam in 1997 (in Rs. crore)?

A. 9,850

B. 10,000

C. 9,170

D. 9,540

DIRECTIONS for Questions 21 to 25: Refer to the following graph:

21. Which month has the highest profit per employee?

A. Spetember

B. July

C. January

D. March

22. Which month records the highest profit?

A. Spetember

B. July

C. March

D. May

23. In which month is the percentage increases in Sales over the Sales two months before, the highest?

A. March

B. Spetember

C. July

D. May

24. In which month is the total increase in the Cost highest as compared to the Cost two months ago?

A. March

B. Spetember

C. July

D. May

25. Assuming that no employee left the job, how many more people did the company take on in the given

A. 4,600

B. 5,100

C. 5,800

D. 6,400

DIRECTIONS for Questions 26 to 30: Answer the questions based on the following data:

The first table gives the percentage of students in the class of M.B.A who sought employment in the areas of Finance, Marketing and Software. The second table given the average staring salaries of the students per month, in these areas.

26. The number of students who got jobs in finance is less than the number of students getting marketing jobs, in the five years, by

A. 826

B. 650

C. 725

D. 548

27. In 1994, students seeking jobs in finance earned Rs. _____ more than those opting for software (in lakhs)

A. 43

B. 33.8

C. 28.4

D. 38.8

28. What is the percent increase in the average salary of Finance from 1992 to 1996?

A. 60

B. 32

C. 96

D. 80

29. What is the average monthly salary offered to a management graduate in the year 1993?

A. 6433

B. 6330

C. 6333

D. Cannot be determined

30. The average annual rate at which the initial salary offered in Software, increases

A. 21%

B. 33%

C. 16%

D. 65%

DIRECTIONS for Questions 31 to 40:

In each question, you are given certain data followed by two statements. For answering the questions:

  • Mark [1], if both the statements together are insufficient to answer the question.
  • Mark [2], if any one of the two statements is sufficient to answer the question.
  • Mark [3], if each statement alone is sufficient to answer the question.
  • Mark [4], if both the statements together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statement alone is sufficient.
  • 31. What is the Cost Price of the article?

    I. After selling the article, a loss of 25% on Cost Price incurred.

    II. The Selling Price is three-fourths of the Cost Price.

    32. If a, b, c are integers, is (a - b + c) > (a + b - c) ?

    I. b is negative

    II. c is positive.

    33. What is the Selling Price of the article?

    I. The profit on Sales is 20%.

    II. The profit on each unit is 25% and the Cost Price is Rs. 250.

    34. A tractor travelled a distance of 5 m. What is the radius of the rear wheel?

    I. The front wheel rotates “N” times more than the rear wheel over this distance.

    II. The circumference of the rear wheel is “t” times that of the front wheel.

    35. What is the ratio of the two liquids A and B in the mixture finally, if these two liquids kept in three vessels are mixed together? (The containers are of equal volume)

    I. The ratio of liquid A to liquid B in the first and second vessel is, respectively, 3 : 5, 2 : 3.

    II. The ratio liquid A to liquid B in vessel 3 is 4 : 3.

    36. If ?, ? are the roots of the equation (ax² + bx + c = 0), then what is the value of (?² + ?²)?

    I. ?+? = -(b/a)

    II. 2?? = (c/a)

    37. What is the number of type 2 widgets produced, if the total number of widgets produced is 20,000?

    I. If the production of type - 1 widgets increases by 10% and that of type-2 decreases by 6%, the total production remains the same.

    II. The ratio in which type - 1 and type - 2 widgets are produced is 2 : 1.

    38. How old is Sachin in 1997?

    I. Sachin is 11 years younger than Anil whose age will be prime number in 1998.

    II. Anil’s age was a prime number in 1996.

    39. What is the total worth of Lakhiram’s assets?

    I. Compound interest at 10% on his assets, followed by a tax of 4% on the interest, fetches him Rs . 15000 this year.

    II. The interest is compounded once every four months.

    40. How many different triangles can be formed?

    I. There are 16 coplanar, straight lines in all.

    II. No two lines are parallel.

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