What is Anemia?

By Ajay Anand


Low count of haemoglobin in blood, and reduced oxygen carrying capacity of blood is called anemia.

Symptoms of Anemia

pale skin, etc.

Causes of Anemia

Iron deficiency,
Vitamin B12 deficiency,
some chronic diseases,
pregnancy, etc.

Diagnosis of Anemia

Blood Test showing Total Blood Count is the most common test. It shows level of haemoglobin in blood.

Haemoglobin should be at least 11 g/dL in women and 12 g/dL in men.

Cure of Anemia

Iron tablets,
injection of vitamin B12,
injection of iron,
erythropoiesis stimulating substance,
blood transfusion, etc.

Sources of Iron

Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, etc.

Foolish Sage