Properties of Computers

By Ajay Anand


Computer is a very fast machine.

A complicated calculation can be done by a computer in a few seconds.

A computer can process millions of instructions in a second.


The computer never commits a mistake, while doing calculations.

When the input data and given instructions are correct, the computer produces accurate result.

High Memory

Computer has a large memory.

A huge amount of data can be stored in the computer and can be retrieved as and when required.


Computer can work tirelessly for a long time.

Unlike human beings, a computer never gets bored or tired.


A computer is a versatile machine.

It can prepare results of a particular examination.

A computer can be used for listening to the favourite songs.

No Intelligence

As you know a computer has no intelligence of its own.

A computer cannot take its own decisions.

A computer follows only what is told to it.

No Feelings

There are no feelings or emotions in a computer.

A computer cannot make a decision by itself.

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