Crane and Crab

from Panchatantra

Crane and Crab

There was a crane too old to catch a prey. He made a plan to get food.

He said disaster was coming.

He promised the fish, crabs, frogs, etc. to take them to a bigger pond to save their lives.

Crane Flies with Fish

After that, every day the crane took a fish on his back. He killed the hapless fish on his way. Thus the crane got his daily meal.

Crane Flies with Crab

One day, the crane thought change his taste. So, he trapped a crab this time.

When asked, the crane said, “You should begin your last prayer because I am going to finish you off.”

Crab kills Crane

The crab was quick to react. He grabbed the crane’s neck in its strong claws and killed the crane instantly. That is how the greedy crane met its end.