Radish: Interesting Facts

By Ajay Anand


Radish is usually eaten as raw crunchy salad.

Many people do not like its pungent and bitter flavor.

Pungent Flavor

The pungent flavor of radish comes from these compounds:

Glucosinolate, Myrosinase, and Isothiocyanate

Scientific Facts

The scientific name of radish is Raphanus raphanistrum

Radish is a modified root and is called napiform or fusiform root.

Historical Facts

Radish originated in Southeast Asia.

Later forms of radish developed in India, China and Central Asia.

Cultivation of Radish

Radish is grown as companion plant with other crops.

Pungent smell of radish keeps the pests away.

Radish is easy to grow and can be harvested within a short time.

Varieties of Radish

There are different types of radish and some of them are given below:

Green Radish, White Radish, Red Radish, Black Radish

Cooking of Radish

Radish is generally eaten raw, as salad.

Radish and its leaves are also used to make various dishes with gravy.

Seed pods are used in many vegetarian dishes.

Grated radish is stuffed to make paratha.

Nutritional Facts

Radish contains plenty of water.

It contains 95% water, 3% carbohydrate and 1% protein.

It also contains vitamin B and vitamin C.

Health Benefits

Radish has very low amount of calories.

It has fiber and vitamins.

So, radish is good for weight conscious people.

Vitamins in radish are good for immunity.

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