The Ant and The Dove

यह कहानी एक चींटी और एक कबूतर के बारे में है। एक बार एक चींटी एक सुंदर फव्वारे के पास से जा रही थी। फव्वारे को और नजदीक से देखने के चक्कर में चींटी फव्वारे के पानी में गिर गई। चींटी को तैरना नहीं आता था। इसलिए वह मदद के लिए चिल्लाने लगी। तभी वहाँ से एक कबूतर गुजर रहा था। जब कबूतर ने चींटी को डूबते उतराते देखा तो उसने एक पत्ती उठाई और फव्वारे में गिरा दिया। उसके बाद चींटी उस पत्ते पर चढ़ गई। इस तरह से चींटी की जान बच गई।

This is a story about an ant and a dove. The ant fell in a fountain. The ant did not know how to swim. So, it started crying for help. A dove was flying nearby. The dove took a leaf and dropped it in the fountain. The ant climbed on the leaf and could save its life.

Question 1: Why do you think the dove helped the ant?

Answer: The dove was a good soul. So, he helped the ant.

Question 2: How do you think the ant felt on finding the leaf?

Answer: The ant must have felt relieved.

Question 3: Have you ever been in trouble like the ant? Did anyone help you?

Answer: Once I lost my way while coming from the market. I started crying. Then one gentleman helped me reach home.

Let’s talk

Ask your friend questions about all the things he does. Use question words such as where, what, how, who, when, why. One is done for you.

Anu: I watch TV in the evening.

Amit: When do you watch TV?

Anu: I play games.

Amit: What do you do in free time?

Anu: I collect stamps.

Amit: What is your hobby?

Anu: I play in the ground.

Amit: Where do you play?

Anu: On Sunday, I go shopping.

Amit: What do you do on Sunday.

Answer these questions about yourself:

Question 1: What is your name?

Answer: My name is Ankit.

Question 2: What languages do you speak?

Answer: I speak Hindi and English.

Question 3: How old are you?

Answer: I am 10 years old.

Question 4: Which is your favourite food?

Answer: My favourite food is biryani.

Question 5: Where did you go yesterday?

Answer: Yesterday, I went to the shopping mall.

Question 6: Which country do you belong to?

Answer: I belong to India.

Question 7: When do you go to sleep?

Answer: I go to sleep at 10 PM.

Question 8: Why do you drink milk?

Answer: Milk makes me stronger.

Question 2: Here are some answers about the given picture of ant. Now form questions for the given answers.

(a) The colour of the ant is black.

Answer: What is the colour of ant?

(b) It lives on land.

Answer: Where does the ant live?

(c) It has two long antennae.

Answer: An ant has how many antennae?

(d) It crawls on the ground.

Answer: How does the ant move?

(e) It eats sugar.

Answer: What does an ant eat?

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