Flying Together

यह कहानी बतखों के एक झुंड की है। वे सभी बतख एक विशाल पेड़ पर रहते थे। एक बार एक लता उस पेड़ की जड़ के पास उग आई। सबसे बुजुर्ग और बुद्धिमान बतख ने जब यह देखा तो बाकी बतखों से कहा कि उस लता को काटकर नष्ट कर दें। उस बुद्धिमान बतख का कहना था कि जब लता छोटी रहती है तो मुलायम और पतली होती है। उस समय उसे नष्ट करना आसान होता है। एक बार जब लता ठीक से बढ़ जाएगी तो रस्सी की तरह मोटी हो जाएगी। उसके बाद उसे नष्ट करना असंभव हो जाएगा। उसके बाद जब लता पेड़ के ऊपर पहुँच जाएगी तो कोई भी शिकारी आसानी से पेड़ पर चढ़ जाएगा। फिर वह शिकारी सभी बतखों का सफाया कर देगा।

युवा बतखों ने अपने बुजुर्ग की सलाह को अनसुना कर दिया। कुछ दिनों के बाद वह लता मोटी हो गई। बढ़ते बढ़ते वह पेड़ की चोटी तक पहुँच गई।

एक दिन जब सारे बतख कहीं गए हुए थे तो एक शिकारी आया। उस शिकारी ने पेड़ पर जाल बिछा दिया। जब बतख वापस पेड़ पर आए तो उस जाल में फँस गए। अब सभी बतख रोने लगे और बुजुर्ग बतख की सलाह न मानने पर अफसोस जताने लगे।

फिर बुजुर्ग बतख ने सबसे कहा कि ऐसे स्थिर हो जाएँ जैसे वे मर चुके हों। जब शिकारी वापस आया तो वह उन्हें मरा हुआ समझने लगा। शिकारी ने एक एक करके बतखों को नीचे जमीन पर फेंकना शुरु किया। जैसे ही आखिरी बतख जमीन पर गिरी, सारे के सारे बतख फुर्ती से उड़कर वहाँ से रफूचक्कर हो गए।

बेचारा शिकारी हाथ मलता रह गया।

This is a story about a bunch of geese. They live atop a tree. Once, a creeper started growing near the base of the tree. The oldest and wise goose in the bunch said other geese to cut and destroy the creeper. The wise goose said that it was easy to destroy the creeper while it was still young. Once it will grow and become very thick, it will be difficult to destroy the creeper. After that, a hunter would easily climb the tree with the help of creeper. Then the hunter would kill all the geese.

The younger geese did not pay attention to the old goose’s suggestion. After some time, the creeper became as thick as rope. It crept all the way up to the top of the tree.

One day, when the geese were away, a hunter came and laid a trap on top of tree. When the geese returned, all of them were trapped in the trap. Everyone was crying and feeling sorry at not following the advice of the old goose.

After that, the old goose told them to lie still as if they were dead. When the hunter came back, he thought all the geese to be dead. He picked them one by one and threw them on ground. When the last goose was thrown on the ground, all of them suddenly got up and flew away.

The hunter was dumbfounded.

Let’s Read

Question 1: Where did the geese live?

Answer: The geese lived on a tall tree.

Question 2: Why did the old bird advice the other birds to destroy the creeper?

Answer: The old bird said that it was easy to destroy the creeper while it was still small. Once it would grow up, it would climb atop the tree. Then any hunter could easily climb the tree with the help of creeper. Then the hunter would finish off all the geese.

Question 3: Why did the geese cry, “Help Help”?

Answer: When the geese were trapped, they feared for their life. So, they were crying for help.

Question 4: What did the hunter do when he thought that the geese were dead?

Answer: When the hunter thought that the geese were dead, he started throwing them to the ground.

Question 5: Why did the geese pretend to be dead?

Answer: The wise goose advised them to pretend to be dead. Thinking them dead, the hunter would throw them on the ground. Once the last geese would be thrown, all of them could fly away to safety. So, the geese pretended to be dead.

Question 6: Describe one incident when you got into trouble because you did not do your work on time.

Answer: Once I did not do my homework. I was admonished by my teacher in the class. I felt very bad.

State whether the following statements are True of False

  1. The tree was the house of a flock of parrots.
  2. The wise old bird wanted the creeper to be destroyed.
  3. The hunter climbed the tree with the help of a ladder.
  4. When caught in the net the foolish birds began to weep.
  5. The wise old bird helped them to escape.

Answer: (a) False, (b) True, (c) False, (d) True, (e) True

Let’s Write

Question 1: Following words describe something or someone in the story. Name them in the blanks provided. Make sentences of your own with the given words.

(a) Wise

Answer: Wise goose

There was a wise sage living in jungle.

(b) Careless

Answer: Geese

Golu is a careless boy.

(c) Thick and Strong

Answer: Creeper

The trunk of a tree is thick and strong.

(d) Foolish

Answer: Geese

Donkey is a foolish animal.

(e) Tall

Answer: Tree

Giraffes are very tall.

Question 3: Fill in the blanks with prepositions such as to, at, off, on, in, into, with

This tree was the home of a flock of wild geese.

  1. He noticed the creeper ……….. the foot of the tree.
  2. “It would be a pity …………… destroy it now.”
  3. As they flew ………… the tree they were trapped.
  4. The boy ran ………… the dog.
  5. The frogs jumped …………the well.
  6. The girl was thrilled …………to see her new bicycle.
  7. The birds were caught ………..the net.
  8. The children walked ………….the bridge.

Answer: (a) at, (b) to, (c) into, (d) with, (e) into, (f) to, (g) in, (h) on

Question 4: Complete the paragraph with suitable words from the following list:

Around, Across, With, Along, To, After, Next to, Into, From

One day, as I was walking ………(a)…….the bank of the river, I saw my friend running ……(b)……..the field. He was calling my name and waving ……(c)……me. I stopped and waited. ……(d)…….Sometime he reached where I was standing.

Answer: (a) along, (b) across, (c) to, (d) after

He said, “I went all ……(e)……..the town looking for you. I have some exciting news to share ……(f)… Do you remember the old house ……(g)……..the neem tree? Guess who is moving ……(h)……that house? Janak Das, the great magician. Now we can learn lots of magic tricks …(i)…….him.

Answer: (e) around, (f) with, (g) next to, (h) into, (i) from

Question 5: Fill in the blanks given below with question words. For example, where do you live?

  1. ……….do you play?
  2. ………… you get up?
  3. …………do you have for breakfast?
  4. …………….do you go to school?
  5. ……………do you like best in the school – games, art or music?
  6. ………….is your birthday?
  7. …………….do you want for your birthday?

Answer: (a) Where, (b) When, (c) What, (d) When, (e) What, (f) When, (g) What

Question 6: Reference to context

“Well there’s no hurry, the creeper is very small, it would be a pity to destroy it now.”

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Geese

(b) To whom was it said?

Answer: Wise goose

(c) When was it said?

Answer: When the wise goose told them to destroy the creeper.

“So this is where the wild geese live.”

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Hunter

(b) To whom was it said?

Answer: He said it to himself.

(c) When was it said?

Answer: When he saw the tree.

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