Class 5 English

Ice Cream Man


Let’s Write

Having an ice cream on a hot summer day is exciting and enjoyable.

Question 1: Write about some of the exciting and enjoyable things that one can do in the winter season.

Answer: Some exciting and enjoyable things that one can do in the winter season are as follows:

Question 2: List as many summer activities as you can.

Answer: Following is the list of summer activities:

Swimming, playing ludo, having ice-cream, flying kite, playing cricket

Question 3: Now group these activities into indoor and outdoor activities.

Answer: Indoor Activities: Playing Ludo, Having Ice-cream

Outdoor Activities: Swimming, Flying Kite, Playing Cricket

Let’s Listen

Question 1: Listen and tell the sounds that these words in the poem produce

(a) Cart

Answer: Khatar khatar

(b) Drinks

Answer: Fizz

Question 2: What are some of the different sounds you hear when the Ice-cream Man comes?

Answer: Sound of bell, sound of Ice-cream Man’s call, laughter of children, fizz of drinks

Find Out and Write a Report

Write a report on different brands of ice creams available in your area. You may use the following clues:


Word Building

Question 1: Select the pairs which have rhyming words

(City Cart), (Heat Street), (Blows Goes), (Do Go), (Hard Yard), (Bowl Doll), (Cow So), (Label Table), (Sky My), (Play Obey), (Race Face), (Write Night)

Answer: (Heat Street), (Blows Goes), (Hard Yard), (Bowl Doll), (Label Table), (Sky My), (Play Obey), (Race Face), (Write Night)

Question 2: What do the following words describe in the poem?

(a) Joyful

Answer: Site of Ice-cream cart

(b) Little

Answer: Ice-cream cart

(c) Round

Answer: Umbrella

What are the describing words used in the poem for the following

(a) Mounds

Answer: Ice-cream

(b) Flavour

Answer: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

(c) Cluster

Answer: Children

Question 3: Have you ever eaten kulfi, the ice cream from North India?

The following sentences describe how it is served but they are not in the correct order. Write the correct number before each sentence.

Answer: The correct order is as follows:

  1. The kulfiwala takes the kulfi mould out of the pitcher
  2. He scoops out the kulfi on a plate.
  3. He arranges some falooda around it.
  4. Then he pours some sweet syrup over it.

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