Class 5 English

The Little Bully

Exercise Questions

Reading is Fun

Question 2: “Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.” This shows that Hari had

  1. Many friends
  2. Few friends
  3. No friends

Answer: (c) No friends

Question 3: Which of the following actions would make a friendly person? Write them down.

  1. Respecting other people
  2. Eating a small child’s tiffin
  3. Calling people rude names
  4. Pushing a smaller boy and making him cry.
  5. Being helpful to everyone
  6. Helping your classmates in school
  7. Mocking at friends and hurting their feelings
  8. Protecting a weaker person

Answer: (1), (5), (6), (8)


Question 1: Find out words which are opposites of the words given below

  1. Smile
  2. Happy
  3. Quiet
  4. Strong
  5. Punish

Answer: (a) Scowl, (2) Miserable, (3) Noisy, (4) Weak, (5) Reward

Question 2: Hari was pinched till he was black and blue. Black and blue means

  1. Hari fell down in pain
  2. There were bruises on his body
  3. Hari painted himself in colours
  4. Hari had a black and blue shirt

Answer: (b) There were bruises on his body

Question 3: ‘I shan’t pinch anyone anymore.’ Shan’t means.

  1. Shall not
  2. Should
  3. Should not
  4. Will not

Answer: (a) Shall not

Question 4: Give the full forms of following

  1. Won’t
  2. Weren’t
  3. Wouldn’t
  4. Couldn’t

Answer: (a) Will not, (b) Were not, (c) Would not, (d) Could not

Question 5: A girl was sitting quietly beside him. Hari leapt to his feet, crying loudly.

The words quietly and loudly tell us how an action is being done.

(a) Find five more words ending in -ly which denote how something is done.

Answer: Funnily, Apparently, Jovially, Hastily, Coldly, Popularly

(b) Add -ly to following words:

Clear, merry, weary, double, dreary, bright, bad, fond

Answer: Clearly, Merrily, Wearily, Doubly, Drearily, Brightly, Badly, Fondly

Fun With Sounds

Question 1: Complete the blanks with rhyming words of the following:



Question 2: Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles, like a, an or the

  1. Hari was ……………unpopular boy.
  2. The boys and girls went to …………..seaside for a picnic.
  3. He saw ………….big crab coming towards him.
  4. I found ……………empty bottle, floating in the water.
  5. ………………sea creatures ate his food.

Answer: (a) an, (b) the, (c) an, (d) the