Malu Bhalu

High up in an icy lair Lived a little polar bear Snow white, snow bright was her mane Malu Bhalu was her name Very soon our Malu Bhalu Learnt the things her parents knew Fish to catch big and small Malu was a clever girl

यह कविता कमला भसीन ने लिखी है।

किसी ऊँची बर्फीली माँद में एक छोटी सी पोलर भालू रहती थी जिसका नाम था मालू भालू। जल्द ही मालू भालू ने अपने माता पिता से छोटी बड़ी मछलियाँ पकड़ना सीख लिया। मालू एक तेज लड़की जो ठहरी।

Malu said to her mother one day Ma, I’m going far out to play I want to see the things that lie There beyond the big blue sky A little patience, child, said Mum In the summer when next it comes Summer? Patience? What a test Malu simply could not rest

एक दिन मालू ने अपनी माँ से कहा कि वह उन चीजों को देखना चाहती थी जो नीले आसमान से भी आगे हैं। उसकी माँ ने कहा कि वह थोड़ा धीरज रखे और अगली गर्मी आने का इंतजार करे। लेकिन मालू को चैन नहीं था और वह गर्मी या धीरज का जरा भी इंतजार नहीं करना चाहती थी।

First things first. Malu’s mum Clasped Malu tight within her arms Then she said – her voice was firm Now my dear you’ll have to swim But Ma, said Malu, what do I know? How will I? I’ve never swum before Don’t worry dear, said Malu’s mother Do as I do, that’s all, she advised her She had no choice, no other way Malu had to swim that day Tight she gripped her mother’s hand Into the water splash to land Brave mother’s brave young daughter Doubt and fear she left behind her Malu swam with all her might It didn’t matter wrong or right But swimming came so naturally Her mother knew this and all could see Fearless Malu, this she knew Not just brave but special too

मालू की माँ ने उससे कहा कि सबसे पहले तो उसे तैराकी सीखनी होगी। मालू को डर लग रहा था कि इसके पहले उसने कभी तैराकी नहीं की थी। लेकिन मालू की माँ ने उसके मन से डर निकालने को कहा और बताया कि वह बस वैसे ही करे जैसा उसकी माँ करती है।

मालू ने कसकर अपनी माँ का हाथ थाम लिया और पानी में कूद गई। बहादुर बेटी ने डर को पीछे छोड़ा और तैरना शुरु कर दिया। फिर तो वह ऐसे तैरने लगी जैसे तैराकी उसकी रग रग में बसी हो।

उसकी माँ को पता था कि उसकी बहादुर बेटी कुछ खास है और वह आसानी सब कुछ सीख लेगी।

Reading is Fun

Question 1: Where did the polar bear live with her family?

Answer: The polar bear lived with her family in an icy lair.

Question 2: What did Malu learn to do from her parents?

Answer: Malu learnt to catch fish and to swim.

Question 3: Where did Malu want to travel?

Answer: Malu wanted to travel beyond the blue sky.

Question 4: What was it that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn?

Answer: Swimming

Question 5: Was Malu scared to swim? Did she learn it easily?

Answer: Initially, Malu was scared to swim. Later, she overcame her fear and easily learnt to swim.

Question 6: Read the last two stanzas of the poem. Whom does she stand for in both?

Answer: Fearlessness

Let’s Talk

True or False

  1. Malu’s hair was white.
  2. Malu knew how to swim.
  3. Malu was playing with the penguins.
  4. Malu was good at catching fish.
  5. Malu was a brave bhalu.
  6. Malu did not love her mother.
  7. Malu’s mother was firm.

Answer: (a) True, (b) False, (c) False, (d) True, (e) True, (f) True, (g) True

Character Sketch

Malu was brave, strong, hardworking, eager to learn more, smart, caring, impatient, female, affectionate, bold, playful, white, adventurous, clever, young, fearless

Read the following passage carefully

One day Meena plucks a mango and brings it home. Her grandmother gives the larger piece to Raju because he is a boy. Meena protests. After all, she brought the mango and she is elder of the two. She insists she has a greater right over her share. Her father comes to her help and divides the mango equally.

Now answer the questions

Question 1: Who brought the mango home?

Answer: Meena

Question 2: Why did Meena’s grandmother give a larger piece to Raju?

Answer: Meena’s grandmother gave the larger piece to Raju because he is a boy.

Question 3: Who do you think should have got the larger piece?

Answer: It was Meena who brought the mango. So, she should have got the larger piece.

Question 4: What are the things your mother asks you to do?

(a) Things you like to do

Answer: Making food, playing with doll

(b) Things you do not like to do

Answer: Washing cloth

Question 5: Malu lived with Malu’s parents in the North Pole. Malu had great fun with Malu’s seagull friends. One day, Malu’s father told Malu that the hunters had come to trap Malu and Malu’s family. Malu knew how to hide very well. Malu shut Malu’s eyes and curled up like a ball of snow. The hunters searched for Malu and Malu’s family everywhere but in vain.

We can avoid repeating the names by using certain other words in their place. (examples: I, me, you, he, him, her she, it, we, us, you, they, them)

Rewrite the above paragraph using such words.

Answer: Malu lived with her parents in the North Pole. She had great fun with her seagull friends. One day, Malu’s father told her that the hunters had come to trap her and her family. She knew how to hide very well. She shut her eyes and curled up like a ball of snow. The hunters searched for Malu and her family everywhere but in vain.

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