Rip Van Winkle

यह कहानी रिप वैन विंकल नाम के एक आदमी की है तो एक अजीब किस्म का आदमी है। वह सबकी मदद करता है। लेकिन वह बहुत आलसी है। आलस के कारण वह अपने खेतों में ठीक से काम नहीं करता है। इससे उसे बहुत परेशानियाँ होती हैं।

एक बार रिप वैन विंकल पहाड़ पर घूमने जाता है। साथ में उसका कुत्ता वोल्फ भी रहता है। पहाड़ पर उसे एक अजीबोगरीब बूढ़ा मिलता है जिसकी बेतरतीब दाढ़ी होती है। बूढ़ा के कहने पर एक बैरल उठाने में रिप उसकी मदद करता है। फिर वे लोग ऐसी जगह पहुँचते हैं जहाँ उसके जैसे और भी कई बूढ़े नाइन पिन का गेम खेल रहे होते हैं। बूढ़ा उसे एक ड्रिंक पीने को देता है। प्यास लगने के कारण रिप कई गिलास ड्रिंक पी जाता है। ड्रिंक के असर के कारण उसे नींद आ जाती है।

जब वह नींद से जागता है तो तेज धूप खिली होती है। रिप अपने कुत्ते को आवाज लगाता है लेकिन कुत्ता कहीं नहीं मिलता है। फिर रिप अपने गाँव जाने के लिए वापस चल देता है। गाँव पहुँचने पर हर चीज बदली बदली नजर आती है। कोई भी उसे पहचान नहीं पा रहा है और ना ही व किसी को पहचान रहा है। एक औरत आखिर में उसे पहचान लेती है और उससे पूछती है कि पिछले बीस वर्षों से वह कहाँ गायब था। इससे रिप को अहसास होता है कि वह पिछले बीस वर्षों से नींद में सोया हुआ था।

Fun With New Words

Question 1: Circle the correct meaning of the given words.

  1. Idled away: wasted, rested, admired
  2. Constant: coffee, construct, steady
  3. Companion: dog, stranger, partner
  4. Realize: to understand, to set free, real
  5. Descend: to not send, to be decent, to move down
  6. Barrel: a wooden container, a musical instrument, a bag
  7. Contents: to be happy, the ingredients, the index of a book

Answer: (a) wasted, (b) steady, (c) partner, (d) to understand, (e) to move down, (f) a wooden container, (g) the index of a book

Question 2: Match the words with their meanings.

(a) Grizzled(1) Near the lower part of a mountain
(b) astonished(2) With grey hair
(c) foothills(3) To rub gently
(d) stroked(4) To be very surprised
(e) familiar(5) Known to you

Answer: (a) 2, (b) 4, (c) 1, (d) 3, (e) 5

Let’s Read

Question 1: Say whether the following sentences are True of False

  1. Rip was kind to children.
  2. Rip was a hardworking man.
  3. The short old man on the mountain was his constant companion.
  4. Rip helped the old man on the mountains because he wanted to have drink from the barrel.
  5. Rip was away for twenty years because he was asleep on the mountains.
  6. The drink from the barrel made him fall asleep for twenty years.
  7. Nobody recognized Rip when he came back because he had reached the wrong village.

Answer: (a) True, (b) False, (c) False, (d) False, (e) True, (f) True, (g) False

Question 2: Complete the following sentences.

  1. Rip’s village was situated …………….
  2. The children of the village loved him because ………………..
  3. ……………..was his constant companion.
  4. The villagers stared at him because ………………
  5. The old woman who recognized Rip was ……………….

Answer: (a) at the foothills of the Kaatskill mountains, (b) he played with them, (c) A dog, (d) nobody recognized him, (e) also surprised

Let’s Write

Question 1: What were the strange things about the men on the mountains?

Answer: All of them were looking similar. All of them had grizzled beard. All of them were playing a game. All of them looked serious.

Question 2: What kind of a man was Rip Van Winkle?

Answer: He was a kind neighbour. He loved to help everyone. He loved to play with children. He was a lazy fellow.

Vocabulary Building

Question 1: Pick out the names of the games mentioned in the story:

Flying kites, chess, ninepins, shooting marbles, mountain climbing, shooting, skipping, hopping

Answer: Ninepins, shooting marbles

Question 2: Sometimes we join two words to make a describing word. For example, Rip was a good-natured man, everybody liked him.

Here are some more describing words. Use them to complete the given paragraph.

Long-sleeved, high-heeled, well-dressed, open-mouthed, sweet-looking, odd-looking, part-time

Mrs Das has a …………(a) ………job in a clothes shop. Yesterday, an ……….(b) …….woman walked into the shop. She was wearing ………(c)……….shoes. A ………(d)……….. dog was with her. “I want a ……….(e)……….shirt for my dog, please,” she said. “For your dog?” asked Mrs Das, ……(f)…….in surprise. “Yes,” replied the woman. “I want him to be ……(g)…….for my next party.

Answer: (a) part-time, (b) odd-looking, (c) high-heeled, (d) sweet-looking, (e) long-sleeved, (f) open-mouthed, (g) well-dressed

Question 3: Silent Letters

(I) What is common in the following groups of words?

  1. Knee, knife, knot, know
  2. Neighbour, daughter, fight, straight
  3. Honest, honour, hour, heir

Answer: (a) N is silent, (b) gh is silent, (c) h is silent

(II) Try and make more silent letter words.

(a) Gnat:

Answer: Gnu, gnome, sign

(b) Tongue:

Answer: Vogue, Vague, Rogue

(c) Chalk:

Answer: Talk, Walk, Stalk

(d) Whistle:

Answer: Thistle, Bristle, Gristle

Question 4: Read the two paragraphs given below.

My mother is always awake before anyone else in the family. I usually wake up after 6 o’clock. I loll around lazily for a few minutes. Then I get up and get dressed for school.

At bedtime, I read a story book. When I feel tired I lie down and go to sleep very quickly. I fall asleep in no time at all.

(I) Now find the opposites of the following words from the paragraph and complete the table.


Wake upFall asleep
Get upLie down

(II) Fill in the blanks using the words in the previous questions

  1. ………and …………quickly. You will be late for school.
  2. Shh. The baby is ………….Don’t make a sound, or she will ………………
  3. Are you still ………..? You should be …………….now or you will not be able to ………… the morning for school.

Answer: (a) Wake up and get up, (b) sleeping, wake up, (c) Sleeping, awake, get up

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