Robinson Crusoe

Discovers a Footprint

This is the story about Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe’s ship had been wrecked by the sea. After that, he had live all alone on an island. One day, he discovers a footprint of another man. Crusoe is frightened. He hurriedly goes back to his cave. After four or five days, he goes back to the beach to check the footprint. The footprint is still there. Crusoe is once again frightened.

Let’s Read

Question 1: What made Robinson Crusoe think that the print on the ground was a footprint?

Answer: Every part of the print looked like a foot. It had toes and heels as a foot has.

Question 2: Why was Robinson afraid when he looked at the bushes and trees?

Answer: He feared that someone may be lurking behind bushes and trees. So, he was afraid when he looked at the bushes and trees.

Question 3: Why did Robinson pray when he saw the footprint?

Answer: He thought that some savage people may have come to the island. He feared that they would kill him. So, Robinson prayed for his protection.

Question 4: Robinson Ran back to his home, as fast as he could because he

  1. Was racing
  2. Was afraid
  3. Was in a hurry to go home

Answer: (b) Was afraid

Question 5: He could not sleep because

  1. There was an animal outside his cave
  2. He thought savaged had come from the mainland
  3. His bed was uncomfortable

Answer: (b) He thought savaged had come from the mainland

Question 6: Why was Robinson Crusoe sure that it was not his footprint?

  1. It didn’t look like a human footprint
  2. It looked smaller than his
  3. He had not come to this part of the beach in a long time

Answer: (c) He had not come to this part of the beach in a long time

Question 7: Where was Robinson Crusoe?

  1. On a boat
  2. In a town
  3. Alone on an island
  4. On an aeroplane

Answer: (c) Alone on an island

Let’s Talk

Question 1: How would you feel if you saw unknown footprints outside your front door?

Answer: I will be frightened.

Question 2: If you were alone at home and suddenly someone knocked at your door, what would you do?

Answer: I will ask about the person before opening the door. If it is an unknown person, I will only open the door after getting satisfied with his answers.

Let’s Write

Question 1: The words in the sentences are jumbled. Write them in order.

(a) Alone was not Robinson an island on

Answer: Robinson was not alone on an island

(b) Was island the inhabited

Answer: The island was inhabited.

(c) Footprint to someone this belonged

Answer: This footprint belonged to someone.

(d) I around me looked

Answer: I looked around me.

(e) I went the towards footprint large

Answer: I went towards the large footprint.

(f) Was afraid I now

Answer: I was afraid now.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

And, but, because, so

  1. I was frightened ………..curious.
  2. I decided to go to the beach ……………I went along the water’s edge.
  3. I ran as fast as I could …………….I was frightened.
  4. I was very tired ………..confused.

Answer: (a) but, (b) so, (c) because, (d) and

Question 3: Write a story on strange footprints.

Answer: It was a cold foggy morning. When I came out of my house, I saw a giant footprint. It looked strange. It appeared like the footprint of a man. But it was too big to be a man’s footprint. My first reaction is of fear. Then I decided to follow the footprints. After going for some distance I could see many in a series. After following the footprints, I reached a place where I could find a small tent at a corner of the playground. Too much noise was coming from inside the tent.

After listening at the voices for some time, I could recognize some of my friend’s voices. Now, fear had given way to curiosity. I entered the tent. What I saw surprised and relieved me. My friend, Kaushal was wearing a giant foot made of plastic and was walking with strange gait. They were rehearsing for a drama for a festival.

Question 4: Use the joining words given below and join the sentences in column A and B

Or, and, so, but, because

Column AColumn B
I can sing wellI forgot to post it.
She wore a raincoatIt was raining.
We may got to ShimlaHe was late to school.
He wanted a book for his birthdayWe may go to Darjeeling.
He missed the school busHe wanted a football for his birthday.
I wrote the letterI can’t dance at all.


  1. I can sing well but I can’t dance at all.
  2. She wore a raincoat because it was raining.
  3. We may go to Shimla or we may go to Darjeeling.
  4. He wanted a book for his birthday and he wanted a football for his birthday.
  5. He missed the school bus so he was late to school.
  6. I wrote a letter but I forgot to post it.

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