The Talkative Barber

यह कहानी अरेबियन नाइट्स से ली गई है। एक बार कशगार शहर के एक नाई को सुलतान की हजामत के लिए बुलाया गया। नाई बहुत बातूनी था। वह काम कम करता था और बातें ज्यादा करता था। हजामत शुरु करने से पहले नाई ने गप्पें फेंकना शुरु कर दिया।

सुलतान ने उसे चुप होने को कहा और अपने काम पर ध्यान देने को कहा। ऐसा सुनकर नाई का कहना था कि वह बहुत ही शांत स्वभाव का है। उसके बाकी के भाई तो उससे भी ज्यादा बातूनी थे। सुलतान की डाँट डपट के बाद नाई ने सर के बाल थोड़ा बहुत छीले और फिर बातें करना शुरु कर दिया। जब सुलतान ने फिर उसे डाँट लगाई तो नाई ने पूछा कि ऐसा कौन से जरूरी काम है जिसके सुलतान उतावला है।

बहुत जिद करने के बाद सुलतान ने बताया कि वह अपने दोस्तों को दावत देने के लिए कुछ प्लान बनाना चाहता है। यह सुनकर नाई ने कहा कि वह भी अपने दोस्तों को दावत देना चाहत है लेकिन उसके पास कोई इंतजाम नहीं है।

सुलतान जल्द से जल्द उस बातूनी नाई से पीछा छु‌ड़ाना चाहता था। आधा मुंड़ा हुआ सिर लेकर वह कहीं नहीं जा सकता था। इसलिए आदेश दिया कि नाई के दोस्तों के लिए दावत के लिए जरूरी भोजन का इंतजाम किया जाए।

Let’s Read

Question 1: How many brothers did the Barber have?

Answer: Six brothers

Question 2: Why was the Sultan in a hurry?

Answer: The Sultan had to go to discuss about a feast for his friends.

Question 3: Why did the Barber take so long to shave the Sultan?

Answer: The Barber talked too much and did little work. So, he took so long to shave the Sultan.

Question 4: Write True or False

  1. The Barber was shaving the Sultan’s beard.
  2. The Sultan gave him three gold coins.
  3. The Barber refused to leave the Sultan’s palace.
  4. There were seven brothers altogether in the Sultan’s family.

Answer: (a) False, (b) True, (c) True, (d) False

Question 5: Why did the Barber want a lot of food?

Answer: The Barber wanted to throw a feast for his friends. So, he wanted a lot of food.

Let’s Talk

Question 1: Did the Sultan enjoy the Barber’s talk? Why do you say so?

Answer: The Sultan was in a hurry and the Barber was taking too much time. So, the Sultan did not enjoy the Barber’s talk.

Question 2: Which part of the story did you find the funniest?

Answer: When the Barber starts proving him to be a quiet person.

Question 3: What are the things the Sultan gave to the Barber?

Answer: Gold coins and lot of food

Question 4: Do you think the Sultan was really very generous? Why do you say so?

Answer: The Sultan was planning for a feast for his friends. Sultan gave gold coins and lot of food to the Barber. So, it can be said that the Sultan was really generous.

Word Building

Question 1: Write the opposites of the following using un-, im-, dis-



Question 2: Fill in the blanks by adding un-, im- or dis- to the words given below.

Tidy, patient, kind, like, able, appear, possible

  1. The teacher got upset with Rani because her work was …………
  2. The dog was ………….climb the tree to chase the cat.
  3. I …………hot milk, I like it cold.
  4. It is ………… cross the road during peak traffic hours.
  5. The magician waved his magic want and made the rabbit …………….
  6. The passenger became ……………when the train was late again.
  7. It is very …………to make fun of another person’s weaknesses.

Answer: (a) untidy, (b) dislike, (c) unable, (d) impossible, (e) disappear, (f) impatient, (g) unkind

Question 3: Notice the bold words in the sentence given below.

You ordered me to com, so I will not quit your house till I have shaved you.

While he was shaving me, he could not stop talking.

Now use the joining words given below to fill in the blanks.

If, or, till, where, unless, so, while

  1. Please wait with me …………the bus arrives.
  2. Do you like football …………cricket?
  3. My father packed my lunch ……….my mother combed my hair.
  4. We will reach on time …………we go by the car.
  5. Your speech cannot be heard by the audience …………you use a powerful mike.
  6. It was a beautiful day ………….they decided to go for a picinic.
  7. We went to the zoo ……….we saw many animals.

Answer: (a) till, (b) or, (c) while, (d) if, (e) unless, (f) where

Word Fun

Question 1: Look at the words given below. Write what you do when you are at a

Sit, drink, play, yell, dance, sing, serve, run, enjoy, buy, wave, shout, ride, greet, win, cheer, compete

(a) Feast

Answer: sit, drink, serve, enjoy

(b) Race

Answer: run, win, cheer, compete

(c) Cricket match

Answer: play, yell, run, enjoy, wave, shout

(d) Cinema

Answer: Sit, drink, enjoy

(e) Fair

Answer: yell, enjoy, wave, shout, ride, cheer

(f) Party

Answer: drink, dance, sing, enjoy, greet, cheer

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