Class 5 English

Topsy-turvy Land

Let’s Talk

Question 1: The words in the sentences are jumbled here. Rearrange them to make meaningful sentences. Words that begin with a capital letter are the first word of the sentence.

(a) Renu naughty is a girl.

Answer: Renu is a naughty girl.

(b) untidy room Her always is.

Answer: Her room is always untidy.

(c) mother Her advises her clean to it.

Answer: Her mother advises her to clean it.

(d) never listens She her mother to.

Answer: She never listens to her mother.

(e) kind of What child a you are?

Answer: What kind of a child you are?

Question 2: Can you tell of some things that go topsy-turvy at home and there is disorder?

Answer: There are many examples when things go topsy-turvy at my home. Sometimes, my pet dog does mischiefs. As a result, my books are on the shoe rack, and my shoes are on my study table. Saucepan is found in the bathroom and shaving brush is found in the kitchen.

Let’s Write

Question 1: Write five things that you do at home to make your home look neat and clean.

Answer: I do following things to make my home look neat and clean.

Question 2: Let’s imagine a topsy-turvy scene and describe it in the lines below.

Answer: Once I had been to a circus. Everything was topsy-turvy at the circus. There was an elephant, flying high in sky. The parrot was riding a bicycle. The lion was having salad for breakfast. Rabbit was eating bacon for lunch.

Question 3: Two stories got mixed up. Sort them out and write them in the appropriate boxes.

(a) The Magic Kite

Answer: Puran was flying the brand new kite in the park. Suddenly the kite lifted him off the ground and took him over the treetops. Puran was frightened and excited. Finally, the kite brought him back to the park.

(b) Who Did the Lion Eat?

Answer: Our class had gone to the zoo. He saw a shoe in the lion’s cage. We thought the lion had eaten someone. Some children stood and screamed, and some ran to the Director of the zoo. The lion had not eaten anyone, because the shoe was one of the lion’s toys.

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