Class 9 English Beehive


NCERT Solution

Part 1

Answer each question below

Question 1: How many characters are there in the narrative? Name them.

Answer: There are four characters in the story, viz. Jerome, George, Harris and the dog.

Question 2: Why did the narrator (Jerome) volunteer to do the packing?

Answer: Narrator was of the opinion that he was the best at packing.

Question 3: How did George and Harris react to this? Did Jerome like their reaction?

Answer: George and Harris agreed to Jerome, because they wanted to loaf around while Jerome would do the packing.

Question 4: What was Jerome’s real intention when he offered to pack?

Answer: Jerome’s real intention was to show off his talent at packing the things.

Question 5: What did Harris say after the bag was shut and strapped? Why do you think he waited till then to ask?

Answer: After the bag was shut and strapped Harris asked if Jerome forgot to pack the boot. He wanted to enjoy the irritation on Jerome’s face so he waited till last.

Question 6: What “horrible idea” occurred to Jerome a little later?

Answer: Jerome was not sure if he packed his toothbrush or not. In the past also Jerome has similar mishaps with packing or unpacking of toothbrush.

Question 7: Where did Jerome finally find the toothbrush?

Answer: After searching through everything Jerome found the toothbrush inside a boot.

Question 8: Why did Jerome have to reopen the packed bag?

Answer: After packing the bag Jerome realized that he packed his tobacco pouch inside, so he had to reopen it once again.