Main Points

Heredity and Evolution

  • Number of variations tends to increase from one generation to the next generation.
  • The passing of phenotypic traits from parents to offsprings is called heredity.
  • Set of observable characters is called phenotype. For example; hair colour, eye colour, shape of nose, etc. are phenotypic traits.
  • Genetic makeup of an organism is called genotype. Genotype is not observable rather it is at the molecular level in the cells.
  • When one pair of contrasting characters is considered for cross, it is called monohybrid cross.
  • When two pairs of contrasting characters are considered for cross, it is called dihybrid cross.
  • During gamete formation, alleles from a pair separate and each gamete gets one allele. This law is called the Law of Segregation.
  • During gamete formation, different traits separate independently of each other. This law is called the Law of Independent Assortment.
  • The change in inheritable traits over successive generations is called evolution.
  • Evolution can happen because of natural selection, and because of genetic drift.
  • Traits which are acquired during someone’s lifetime but fail to change the genotype are called acquired traits.
  • Traits which bring change in the genotype can be transferred to next generations. Such traits are called inherited traits.
  • When a new species emerges from a given species then the germ cells from two species cannot fuse and hence cannot interbreed.
  • When the organs show similarity in design but serve different functions, they are called homologous organs.
  • When organs serve the same function but show difference in design, they are called analogous organs.
  • The preserved remains of living beings from distant past are called fossils.
  • The most accepted theory of human evolution is called ‘Out of Africa Theory’.

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