Main Points

Sources of Energy

  • Energy sources which are being used since a considerable time are called conventional sources of energy.
  • Coal and petroleum are called fossil fuels because they were formed from fossils.
  • Burning of fossil fuels results in air pollution.
  • Energy sources which cannot be replenished in foreseeable future are called non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Energy sources which can be replenished in foreseeable future are called renewable sources of energy.
  • In a hydropower plant, kinetic energy of running water is converted into electrical energy.
  • Cow dung and other farm waste can be utilized to produce biogas; which is popularly known as ‘Gobar Gas’.
  • Now-a-days, wind energy is being used for power generation.
  • Energy sources which have come into use in recent times are called non-conventional sources of energy.
  • Tidal energy, wave energy and ocean thermal energy are examples of energy from ocean.
  • Nuclear energy is based on nuclear fission.

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