Class 11 Business Studies

Social Responsibility & Ethics

NCERT Solution: MCQ

Social responsibility is

  • Same as legal responsibility
  • Broader than legal responsibility
  • Narrower than legal responsibility
  • None of them

    Answer: (b) Broader than legal responsibility

  • If business is to operate in a society which is full of diverse and complicated problems, it may have
    • Little chance of success
    • Great chance of success
    • Little chance of failure
    • No relation with success or failure

      Answer: (a) Little chance of success
  • Business people have the skills to solve
    • All social problems
    • Some social problems
    • No social problems
    • All economic problems

      Answer: (c) No social problems
  • That an enterprise must behave as a good citizen is an example of its responsibility towards
    • Owners
    • Workers
    • Consumers
    • Community

      Answer: (d) Community
  • Environmental protection can best be done by the efforts of
    • Business people
    • Government
    • Scientists
    • All the people

      Answer: (d) All the people
  • Carbon monoxide emitted by automobiles directly contributes to
    • Water pollution
    • Noise pollution
    • Land pollution
    • Air pollution

      Answer: (d) Air pollution

  • Which of the following can explain the need for pollution control?
    • Cost savings
    • Reduced risk of liability
    • Reduction of health hazards
    • All of them

      Answer: (d) All of them
  • Which of the following is capable of doing maximum good to society?
    • Business success
    • Laws and regulations
    • Ethics
    • Professional management

      Answer: (c) Ethics
  • Ethics is important for
    • Top management
    • Middle-level managers
    • Non-managerial employees
    • All of them

      Answer: (d) All of them
  • Which of the following alone can ensure effective ethics programme in a business enterprise?
    • Publication of a code
    • Involvement of employees
    • Establishment of compliance mechanisms
    • None of them

      Answer: (b) Involvement of employees