Class 11 Business Studies

Private Public & Global Enterprises

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MCQ Answers

Question 1: A government company is any company in which the paid up capital held by the government is not less than

  • 49 per cent
  • 51 per cent
  • 50 per cent
  • 25 per cent

    Answer: (b) 51 per cent

Question 2: Centralised control in MNC’s implies control exercised by

  • Branches
  • Subsidiaries
  • Headquarters
  • Parliament

    Answer: (c) Headquarters

Question 3: PSE’s are organisations owned by

  • Joint Hindu family
  • Government
  • Foreign Companies
  • Private entrepreneurs

    Answer: (b) Government

Question 4: Reconstruction of sick public sector units is taken up by

  • MOFA
  • MoU
  • BIFR
  • NRF

    Answer: (c) BIFR

Question 5: Disinvestments of PSE’s implies

  • Sale of equity shares to private sector/public
  • Closing down operations
  • Investing in new areas
  • Buying shares of PSE’s

    Answer: (a) Sale of equity shares to private sector/public


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