Jataka Tales

Finding A New Spring

Once a merchant was going somewhere for business trips. He was taking the services of a desert guide. The guide was an expert in finding ways by following stars. It was useful as it was easier to cross the desert during night rather than during the day.

After traveling for several nights they started their last nocturnal journey. They were supposed to cross the desert on that night. The guide was on the first bullock cart in the caravan. He was very tired and dozed off to sleep.

Now the bullocks had no idea about how to follow stars, so they lost their way. When the morning came they found themselves at the place from where they had started on the previous night.

Everybody was blaming the guide for his carelessness. They were worried about their survival as their stock of water had finished. The merchant thought that he should not lose courage and try finding some solution like a true leader. While he was pacing to and fro thinking some way he saw a cluster of grass in sight.

He said to his men that grass cannot spring up in the dry desert, so there must be water underneath. He encouraged his men to dig at the place. After digging for some time they found a huge rock. He asked his men to hit the rock as hard as possible. Finally the rock was broken and a gush of water came from underneath. All of them sighed in relief and enjoyed their onward journey.