Class 6 Geography

Globe: Latitude Longitude

NCERT Solution

Fill in the blanks

  1. The Tropic of Capricorn is located at _________________.

    Answer: 23.5o South
  2. The Standard Meridian of India is ____________________.

    Answer: 82.5o East
  3. The 0° Meridian is also known as ____________________.

    Answer: Prime Meridian
  4. The distance between the longitudes decreases towards___________.

    Answer: the Poles
  5. The Arctic Circle is located in the ____________ hemisphere.

    Answer: Northern

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the true shape of the earth?

    Answer: Geoid shape
  2. What is a globe?

    Answer: A globe is a miniature model of the earth.
  3. What is the latitudinal value of the Tropic of Cancer?

    Answer: Latitudinal value of the Tropic of Cancer is 23.5o N
  4. What are the three heat zones of the Earth?

    Answer: The three heat zones of the Earth are as follows: Torrid Zone, Temperate Zone and Frigid Zone
  5. What are parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude?

    Answer:Parallels of Latitude: The imaginary lines which run parallel to the equator are called the parallels of latitude.
    Meridians of Longitude: The imaginary lines which run from one Pole to another are called the meridians of longitude.
  6. Why does the torrid zone receive maximum amount of heat?

    Answer: In every part the torrid zone, the sun is overhead at least once in a year. Due to this, this zone receives the maximum amount of heat.
  7. Why is it 5.30 p.m. in India and 12.00 noon in London?

    Answer: The time in India is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of the time in London. Hence, when it is 12 noon in London, it is 5:30 pm in India.

Tick the correct answers

Question 1: The value of the prime meridian is

  1. 90o
  2. 0o
  3. 60o

    Answer: (b) 0o

Question 2: The frigid zone lies near

  1. the Poles
  2. the Equator
  3. the Tropic of Cancer

    Answer: (a) the Poles

Question 3: The total number of longitudes are

  1. 360
  2. 180
  3. 90

    Answer: (b) 180

Question 4: The Antarctic circle is located in

  1. the Northern hemisphere
  2. the Southern hemisphere
  3. the Eastern hemisphere

    Answer: (b) the Southern hemisphere

Question 5: Grid is a network of

  1. parallels of latitudes and meridians of longitudes
  2. the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
  3. the North Pole and the South Pole

    Answer: (a) parallels of latitudes and meridians of longitudes


Question 1: What is the axis of the earth?

Answer: The earth rotates around an imaginary line. This is called the axis of the earth.

Question 2: What is equator?

Answer: The imaginary line which runs horizontally through the middle of the surface of the earth is called the equator. The latitude of equator is zero degree.

Question 3: Why does the Prime Meridian pass through Greenwich?

Answer: All the meridians are of equal length. Hence, it was difficult to decide about the exact location of zero degree meridian. All countries agreed on Greenwich because the British Royal Observatory is present here. Hence, the Prime Meridian passes through Greenwich.

Question 4: How do longitudes and latitudes help us in finding the exact location of a place on the earth?

Answer: Latitudes and longitudes help us in finding the exact location of a place on the earth. When we say the Delhi is 28oN; we are just saying that Delhi is in the Northern Hemisphere on 28o latitude. But this does not show Delhi’s position with respect to the Prime Meridian. So, we also need information about longitude to know the exact position of Delhi on the earth. Delhi is approximately at 77o E longitude. So, to give exact position of Delhi; we need to say that it is 28oN and 77oE.