Class 6 Science Quiz

6 Science Fibre to Fabric

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1: (a) Terrylene, 2: (c) Flex, 3: (b) Sheep, 4: (d) Ginning, 5: (b) Stem, 6: (a) Spinning, 7: (d) Weaving, 8: (c) Silk, 9: (a) Spinning, 10: (b) Mahatma Gandhi

Clothes are made from cloth or fabric. Fabric is made from fibre. A substance which is in the form of thin and long strands is called fibre. Fibres come from natural sources and are also made in factories. Natural fibres are of two types, viz. plant fibres and animal fibres. Cotton and jute are examples of plant fibres, while wool and silk are examples of animal fibres. Cotton is preferred for making dresses because it has a cooling effect on our body. Jute is preferred for making rucksacks and doormats because it is a coarse fibre. Wool is obtained from sheep and is preferred for making warm clothes. Silk comes from the cocoons of silk-moth. Silk is sought after because of its fine quality and luster.