class seven civics question answer boys and girls

Boys and Girls

Extra Questions

Match Columns
Column IColumn II
(i) Girls(a) Try new tricks with bicycles
(ii) Central courtyard(b) Go to home in groups
(iii) Boys(c) Girl's school

Answer: i – b, ii – c, iii – a

Fill in the Blanks

  1. _____ involves standing long hours in front of the gas stove.

    Answer: Cooking
  2. Double burden literally means ______.

    Answer: Double load
  3. It is mandatory for organizations having more than ___ women to have crèche facilities.

    Answer: 30
  4. Women’s work is often _____

    Answer: Devalued
  5. The government has set up many ____ in the villages of our country.

    Answer: Child care centres

Multiple Choice Questions

Women typically labour

  1. Inside the home only
  2. Outside the home only
  3. both inside and outside the home
  4. only as maid servants

    Answer: (c) both inside and outside the home

The people employed as domestic help are

  1. women
  2. young boys and girls
  3. young girls only
  4. both a and b

    Answer: (d) both a and b

Many homes, particularly in ______ employ domestic workers

  1. Rural areas
  2. towns
  3. cities
  4. both b and c

    Answer: (d) both b and c

The work women do is _____

  1. Not strenuous at all
  2. strenuous
  3. physically demanding
  4. both b and c

    Answer: (d) both b and c

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