Boys and Girls

Extra Questions

Match Columns

Column IColumn II
(i) Girls(a) Try new tricks with bicycles
(ii) Central courtyard(b) Go to home in groups
(iii) Boys(c) Girl's school

Answer: i – b, ii – c, iii – a

Chapter List

Fill in the Blanks

  1. _____ involves standing long hours in front of the gas stove.
  2. Double burden literally means ______.
  3. It is mandatory for organizations having more than ___ women to have crèche facilities.
  4. Women's work is often _____
  5. The government has set up many ____ in the villages of our country.

Answer:(a) Cooking, (b) Double load, (c) 30, (d) Devalued, (e) Child care centres

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1: Women typically labour

  1. Inside the home only
  2. Outside the home only
  3. both inside and outside the home
  4. only as maid servants

Answer: (c) both inside and outside the home

Question 2: The people employed as domestic help are

  1. women
  2. young boys and girls
  3. young girls only
  4. both a and b

Answer: (d) both a and b

Question 3: Many homes, particularly in ______ employ domestic workers

  1. Rural areas
  2. towns
  3. cities
  4. both b and c

Answer: (d) both b and c

Question 4: The work women do is _____

  1. Not strenuous at all
  2. strenuous
  3. physically demanding
  4. both b and c

Answer: (d) both b and c

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