Class 7 civics

Mass Media

Learning Goals:

  • Types of Media
  • Technology in Media
  • Costs for Media

Media: Nowadays ‘media’ is an integral part of our lives. It is a term which collectively refers to television, radio, newspapers, internet and many other forms of communication. These days social media is an inseparable part of our lives.

Social Media: Social media refers to computer mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas etc.

Mass Media

Media is the plural of the word ‘medium’ which means mode. In other words, it refers to the different ways in which we communicate in society. Since it refers to the forms of communication everything from a small news item in the paper to the elaborate news in the TV; all can be called media. TV, newspapers and radio are a form of media. Since these reach millions of people (in other words, the masses) across the globe, these are called mass media.

Media has strong links with

  • Technology
  • Money (Big Business)
  • Deomcracy

Media and technology

Newspaper, television and radio are able to reach millions of people because of the use of technology. The technology that is used by mass media keeps changing. A recent phenomenon in the field of media is cable television and the internet and these have been there for the last two decades.

Types of Media

Media can be broadly classified into two types;

  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media

The names ‘print media’ and ‘electronic media’ depend on the different technologies these media use.

Benefits of advancement in technology

  • Higher accessibility: The changes in the technology and modernization of machines have increased the reach of the media enormously.
  • Improvement in the quality of sound and images.
  • Changes our thinking: Technology brings about a change in the way we think about our lives. For instance, television has enabled us to think that we are members of a larger global world. It has expanded our thinking.
  • Bringing the world closer to us: Through satellites and cables television, images travel great distances, thus enabling us to see the events happening in one corner of the world by sitting in another corner of the world. Most of the cartoons that kids see on TV are from Japan and the United States. In other words, we can say that ‘the world is shrinking’.

Costs in Media

Media uses expensive technology. A news studio has the following expenses:

  • Equipments; like light, camera, sound recorders, etc.
  • Rentals for transmission satellites
  • Cost of human resources whic includes salaries for newsreaders and support staffs.
  • Technology upgradation cost: Technology keeps on changing and media need to ugrapde technology. This too involves huge cost to the media.

Since so many costs are involved in media, most television channels and business houses are a part of big business houses.


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