Shirt in Market

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Question 1: What is putting out system?

Answer: It is a system whereby the merchant supplies raw material and receives the finished product. The merchant, based on the orders at hand, distributes work among the weavers. The weavers get the yarn from the merchant and also supply him the cloth.

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Question 2: What are the benefits and drawbacks of a market?

Answer: Benefits of market: It is because of the market that people get an opportunity to work and earn. They are able to sell their produce/finished product. Whether it is the small farmer, weaver or the merchant and exporter; a market exists for all of them.

Drawbacks of Market: Market are always one-sided. In other words, it is always the rich and the influential that gain maximum from the market. They own large factories, set up big shops, etc. They exploit the poor workers by overburdening them and paying them very low wages.

Question 3: How does a weaver benefit from the putting out system?

Answer: The putting out system benefits the weavers in the following ways:

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