Transport Communication

Extra Questions

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

Name the important airports of the world.

Answer: Delhi, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York and Cairo are some of the important airports.

What are the uses of satellites?

Answer: Oil exploration, survey of forest, underground water, mineral wealth, weather forecast and disaster warning.

Name the important ports of the world.

Answer: The important ports in Asia are Mumbai and Singapore; New York, Los Angeles in North America, Rio de Jenario in South America and Sydney in Australia.

Name the types of roads.

Answer: Metalled and unmetalled.

What are subways?

Answer: Roads built underground are called subways.

What are the types of settlements?

Answer: Temporary and permanent; rural and urban.

Short Answer Type Questions:

What are settlements?

Answer: Settlements are places where people build their homes. They may be permanent or temporary; based on the period of stay. Based on the location, they may be rural or urban.

Write a note on roadways.

Answer: Roadways are the most commonly used means of transport especially for short distances. They are mainly found in plain areas. They have been built on deserts, forests and even high mountains. They include subways and flyovers.

What do you mean by transport?

Answer: Transport is the means by which people and goods move. Initially people used to walk or carry goods on animals. With passage of time, the modes of transport such as roadways, waterways, railways and airways; have advanced significantly.

What are airways and their benefits?

Answer: Airways are the fastest mode of transport developed in the twentieth century. Their main benefits are:

Long Answer Type Questions:

What is communication?

Answer: It is the process of conveying messages to others. New and very fast means of communication have been developed by human beings. This advancement has brought about information revolution in the world. Communication serves the twin purposes of educating and entertaining.

Describe settlement.

Answer: Settlements are places where people build their homes. They may be temporary; wherein the period of stay is short; or permanent. In permanent settlement people build homes and live there. Based on the location, they may be rural or urban. Rural settlements are found in villages. These are occupied by people engaged in agriculture and allied activities. It may be compact or scattered. Compact settlements are close to each other. Scattered settlements are widely spaced; not tightly packed. The kind of houses in rural area depends on the climate. Rain/ extreme heat – resistant houses are built to face extreme climates. Local materials are used for building houses. Urban settlement includes towns (which are small) and cities (which are big). These are occupied by people engaged in manufacturing, trade or services.

Write in detail about the different modes of transport.

Answer: The main means of transport are roadways, railways, waterways and airways.

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