Temperate Grasslands

Extra Questions

Match Columns:

Column IColumn II
(i) The prairies(a) Gold capital of the world
(ii) Johannesburg(b) Sea of grasses
(iii) GrasslandsGranaries of the world

Answer: i – c, ii – a, iii – b

Fill in the blanks:

  1. A local wind ‘Chinook’ blows in the ______.

    Answer: Prairies
  2. The summers are short and warm in the ____

    Answer: Velds
  3. ______ is famous for its diamond mines.

    Answer: Kimberley
  4. The climate of the prairies is of ________ type.

    Answer: Continental
  5. The _________ region is the most industrialized region in the world.

    Answer: Prairies

Multiple Choice Questions:

The native Americans of the prairies are often called the _____

  1. Blue Indians
  2. Aryans
  3. Dravidians
  4. Red Indians

    Answer: (d) Red Indians

Which of the following is a species of sheep?

  1. Rohu
  2. Catla
  3. Merino
  4. Hilsa

    Answer: (c) Merino

The coldest month in the velds is ______

  1. August
  2. December
  3. January
  4. July

    Answer: (d) July

_____ are the sturdy men who look after the ranches

  1. Bushmen
  2. Musclemen
  3. Cowboys
  4. Caretakers

    Answer: (c) Musclemen

The bison is also called the _____

  1. Prairie buffalo
  2. Reindeer
  3. American buffalo
  4. African buffalo

    Answer: (c) American buffalo

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