Myths of Lunar Eclipse

By Ajay Anand

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, the Earth and the moon come in a straight line and the earth is between the Sun and the Moon.

Types of Lunar Eclipse

1. Total Lunar Eclipse

2. Partial Lunar Eclipse

3. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

When the whole moon is visible under the umbra of shadow of the earth.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

When only a portion of the moon is visible under the shadow of the earth.

Penumbarl Lunar Eclipse

When the moon is visible under the penumbra of shadow of the earth.

Scientific Discoveries

About 2100 years ago, ancient Greek scientists could calculate diameter of the earth during lunar eclipse.

About 400 years ago, a Greek scientist could calculate the distance between earth and moon with the help of lunar eclipse.

About 1800 years ago, a Greek astrologer Ptolemy was able to make a world map with the help of lunar eclipse.

Myths in America

The American tribes believed that the Sun and the moon romance during lunar eclipse.

Some tribes in America believed that the moon gets injured during lunar eclipse and is subsequently treated by its wife.

Myths in Egypt

People of Egypt thought the eclipse as a sow swallowing the moon.

Some cultures thought that a demon swallowed the moon.

Myths in Inca

The Incans and Mayans believed that lunar eclipses occurred when a jaguar ate the Moon.

They believed that once the jaguar finished eating the Moon, it could come down and devour all the animals on Earth.

Myths in Mesopotamia

The ancient Mesopotamians believed that the Moon was attacked by seven demons.

They thought the seven demons would also attack the king.

To save their king they made someone pretend to be the king.

Myths in China

In some Chinese cultures, people rang bells to prevent a dragon or other wild animals from biting the Moon.

However, the first written records of lunar eclipse has been found in China

Myths India

Eclipse is thought as inauspicious, as Rahu and Ketu are believed to swallow the moon.

Bathing in the Ganges is believed to ward off the evils of an eclipse.

Many people desist from worshipping and even eating during the eclipse.

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