About Us

Our team is composed of people who have loads of experience in developing content for school level books and support materials. Due to their rich experience, we are able to provide content which is high on quality and is simple and easy to understand.

The technical team has people who have technical abilities along with academic bent of mind. Even our designer is an academician at core.

Ajay Anand CEO

Ajay Anand had been associated with sales and marketing for over 20 years. He spent a major part of his earlier stint in pharmaceuticals sales. Ajay had also worked in hospitality sector and in dot com sector. His stint at a dot com company infected him with the bug of webpages.

But deep inside, the CEO is an academician to the core. Ajay had helped many students in clearing various competitive examinations which are held in India. He had also taught at a business school for a brief period. Ajay has written more than 250 books on science, mathematics, social science, English and Hindi. He had also made illustrations in some books. Ajay’s forte lies in explaining complex concepts in simplest possible language.

At excellup, Ajay primarily focuses on content development and on design issues.