Advertise on excellup

advertise on excellup

Excellup is one of the fastest growing e-learning sites.

Visitors Flow

Number of visitors per month is 600,000. The monthly pageview is 1,700,000.

Visitors come to excellup from all over India. We get visitors from every nook and corner of the country.

We also get visitors from around the world. Barring a few countries in Africa; visitors come to excellup from almost all the countries.

Some Banner Ad Options

  • Class 10 Science: All pages, 160 x 60 px (RHS) Rs. 8726/m
  • Class 10 Science: All pages, 160 x 600 px (RHS) Rs. 87260/m
  • Class 9 Social Science: All pages 728 x 90 px (top) Rs. 18582/m
  • Class 11 Biology: All pages 200 x 240 px (RHS) Rs. 7678/m
  • Class 7 Science: All pages 728 x 90 px (top) Rs. 4764/m

Visitor Profile:

Visitors to excellup are mainly from classes 6 to 10. The fact that the number of visitors peak on Sundays is a proof that it is the students who comprise the largest portion of visitors on our website. Obviously, parents and teachers make the next largest component of visitors to excellup.

Benefits of Advertising on Excellup

By putting your ads on excellup, you can easily reach your target audience. Research has proved that in most of the households, teenagers have a great say in buying decision for many products.

Advertising options:

You can select a particular subject from a particular class and your ad shall be displayed on all the pages of that subject (in that class).

Interested in advertising?

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