Class 9 English Beehive

Reach for The Top

NCERT Solution

Part 2

Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph (about 30 words)

Question 1: How did Santosh begin to climb mountains?

Answer: While she was staying at her hostel in Jaipur, she used to see people climbing the Arawali hills. When her curiosity compelled her to go for looking for those people she found them to be mountaineers. On her request they agreed to let her join them in mountain climbing. This is how her journey to become a great mountaineer began.

Question 2: What incidents during the Everest expedition show Santosh’s concern for her team-mates?

Answer: During her Everest expedition she tried to save her fellow climber’s lives. She shared her oxygen cylinder with her team mates. Although one of her team mates could not be saved but another one could be saved because of Santosh’s help.

Question 3: What shows her concern for the environment?

Answer: While returning from the Everest she brought back 500 kgs of rubbish from there. Many mountaineers go for conquering the Everest every year. They leave lots of garbage in their trail. This is threatening the ecology of the Everest. Sontosh’s act of bringing back some garbage shows her concern for the environment.

Question 4: How does she describe her feelings at the summit of the Everest?

Answer: She describes that she was overawed by the experience of reaching at the top of the world. The feeling took its own time to sink in. Then she unfurled the tricolour on the roof of the world. This was a spiritual experience for her.

Question 5: Santosh Yadav got into the record books both times she scaled Mt Everest. What were the reasons for this?

Answer: When she scaled the Everest for the first time she became the youngest woman to reach there. When she went there next time she became the only woman to achieve the feat twice.