Class 10 Science

Sources of Energy

These notes are based on the chapter Sources of Energy class 10 NCERT book and CBSE syllabus.

We use different sources of energy for different purposes.

When we use energy in its usable form we convert the form of energy and get our work done during the process. Since we cannot reverse the change involved in this process so we cannot get back the original usable form of energy. Due to this, it becomes important to think about energy shortage and the related energy crisis.

Characteristics of a good source of energy

LPG: A good source of energy

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) is the preferred fuel for kitchen in most of the homes. LPG fulfills all the criteria of a good source of energy.

Similarly, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a good source of energy. That is why CNG is now preferred in most of the vehicles of public transport.

Types of Sources of Energy

Conventional Sources of Energy

The sources of energy which have been in use since a long time are called conventional sources of energy. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydel energy, wind energy and nuclear energy are considered to be the conventional sources of energy. Additionally, firewood is also a conventional source of energy but its usage is now limited to kitchens in rural parts of India.

Non-conventional Sources of Energy

Energy sources which are relatively new are called non-conventional sources of energy, e.g. nuclear power and solar energy.

Non-renewable Sources of Energy

Sources of energy which cannot be replenished quickly are called non-renewable sources of energy. It takes millions of years for the formation of fossil fuels. Since they cannot be replenished in the foreseeable future, they are known as non-renewable sources of energy. Non-renewable source of energy is also called exhaustible source of energy.

Renewable Sources of Energy

Those sources of energy which can be replenished quickly are called renewable sources of energy. Hydel energy, wind energy and solar energy are examples of renewable sources of energy. Renwable source of energy is also called inexhaustible source of energy.