class seven civics question answer working of state government

State Government

Extra Questions

Fill in the blanks
  1. MLA stands for _____.

    Answer: Member of Legislative Assembly
  2. ______ is a particular area from where all the voters living there choose their representatives.

    Answer: Constituency
  3. Majority is also called a ________.

    Answer: Simple Majority
  4. All MLAs (from the ruling party/opposition) meet and discuss things is the _________.

    Answer: Legislative Assembly
  5. Each state is divided into different areas or ____.

    Answer: Constituencies

  6. Match Columns

    Column IColumn II
    (i) Chief Minister(a) Head of State
    (ii) Discussion of Issues(b) Legislature
    (iii) MLAs(c) Press Conference
    (iv) Governor(d) Executive

    Answer: (i) - d, (ii) - c, (iii) - b, (iv) - a

    Multiple Choice Questions

    The word ‘government’ in common usage refers to

    1. Government departments
    2. Various ministers heading the government departments
    3. both a and b
    4. none of the above

      Answer: (c) Both a and b

    The overall head of the government in a state is the

    1. Prime Minister
    2. Governor
    3. Chief Minister
    4. President

      Answer: (c) Chief Minister

    ______ appoints the Chief Minister and other ministers

    1. President
    2. Former Chief Minister
    3. Prime Minister
    4. Governor

      Answer: (d) Governor

    The Chief Minister is a part of the _____

    1. Legislature
    2. Executive
    3. Judiciary
    4. none of the above

      Answer: (b) Executive

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