NCERT Solution

Match the following:

Column IColumn II
(a) Biosphere(1) Blanket of air which surrounds the earth
(b) Atmosphere(2) Domain of water
(c) Hydrosphere(3) Gravitational force of earth
(d) Environment(4) Our surroundings
(5) Narrow zone where land, water and air interact
(6) Relation between the organisms and their surroundings

Answer:(a) v, (b) i, (c) ii, (d) iv

Multiple Choice Questions:

Which is not a natural ecosystem?

  1. Desert
  2. Aquarium
  3. Forest

    Answer: (b) Aquarium

Which is not a component of human environment?

  1. Land
  2. Religion
  3. Community

    Answer: (a) Land

Which is a human made environment?

  1. Mountain
  2. Sea
  3. Road

    Answer: (c) Road

Which is a threat to environment?

  1. Growing plants
  2. Growing population
  3. Growing crops

    Answer: (b) Growing population

Answer the following questions:

What is an ecosystem?

Answer: An ecosystem is the relation between the living organisms, as well as the relation between the organisms and their surroundings.

What do you mean by natural environment?

Answer: Natural environment is the environment that is given to us by nature and comprises of land, water, air, plants and animals.

Which are the major components of the environment?

Answer: The major components of the environment are – natural, human made and human.

Give four examples of human made environment.

Answer: Four examples of human made environment are (a) Roads, (b) Monuments, (c) Industries and (d) Buildings

What is lithosphere?

Answer: Lithosphere is the solid crust or the hard top layer of the earth.

Which are the two major components of biotic environment?

Answer: Plants and animals are the major components of the biotic environment.

What is biosphere?

Answer: Plant and animal kingdom together make the biosphere. It is a narrow zone of the earth where land, water and air interact with each other to support life.

Give reason for the following:

  1. Man modifies his environment

    Answer: Human beings have to fulfill their various needs from the environment. For some of the needs, human beings need to modify the environment. For example; for making paper and furniture, man needs wood. Wood can be obtained by cutting trees. Felling of trees modifies the environment.
  2. Plants and animals depend on each other

    Answer: Animals depend on plants for oxygen through photosynthesis and also for food. They also use plants as shelter and also to hide from predators. Plants depend on animals for seed dispersal, pollination and also for nutrients which the plant gets when the animal dies and decomposes.

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