Foolish Sage and Crook

Once upon a time, there lived a sage in a village. He used to get various kinds of clothes as donation from his devotees. He made a fortune by selling those clothes over the years. But the sage was always worried about the safety of his money. He used to keep all the money in a bag and carried that bag always with him.

Crook as Disciple

There was a crook living in the same village. He was prying to somehow grab that money. No matter how much the crook followed the sage, the money bag was never left alone. Finally, the crook donned the grab of a pupil and went to the sage. He requested the sage to accept him as a disciple because he wanted to acquire knowledge. The sage agreed and the crook began to live in his house.

sage in river

crook gets booty

The crook was always at the beck and call of the sage and within a few months made a good impression on the sage with his services. One day, they were on their way to some village to attend a religious ceremony. On the way, there came a river and sage wanted to take a bath in the river. He kept the money bag insie a quilt and kept the quilt near the river bank. He asked the crook to guard the quilt while he would be away for bathing. As the crook was waiting for this opportunity, he fled away with the money bag; while the sage was engrossed in bathing.

The moral of the story is, "Do not believe anybody just because he is acting nice."