Goats and Jackal

One day, a jackal was passsing through a village. He saw a small gathering of crowd near the village market. The curious jackal went near the crowd to have a better view of what was going on there. When the jackal peeped through the crowd, it saw that two goats were engaged in fighting. The goats appeared to be well fed and hence their fighting was full of gory.

Enjoying the Game

All the people were hooting and clapping to encourage the fighting goats. The jackal also joined the gathering to enjoy the game. The goats were full of bruises and cuts and there was lot of blood spill on the road.

fighting goats

Bloodthirsty Jackal

When the jackal saw the blood dripping from the bruised goats, he could not control his senses. He just wanted to savour the warm and tasty blood of goats and wanted to feast on the goats. The jackal did not think twice and jumped over the goats. The goats were too powerful for the jackal. They mercilessly pounced on the jackal till the jackal was dead.

The moral of the story is, "Think before you jump."